Thank you for your interest in the possibility of sharing ministry with one another. Having served in professional religious leadership for the last 15 years, I can say with conviction that the service we provide caring for one another, and our world, is one of the holiest callings we can answer.

Of course, how we answer that calling is unique for every individual.

Lise, January 2012, at her ordination.

As a Unitarian Universalist minister serving in both interim and settled ministries, I have witnessed that what unites us is much more common and profound than what separates us. The trick is finding ways to partner through our shared values, covenants and missions as we work to answer our needs for belonging and contributing meaningful work to our challenging, beautiful and ever changing world.

The path we take to these transformations usually involves learning, risk, mistakes, heartache, reflection, and hopefully, laughter and celebration. And it is an ongoing journey that continues in some form as long as we live. But, as people who value religious community we are fortunate; we can accompany one another on this road. We can lean into each other for support and benefit from our collective wisdom as we face new situations. Of course, tensions may arise as we compare the traditional, well-loved paths to the exciting and possibly scary opportunities and people that we glimpse around the corner. But with empathy, practice and grace, we are likely to face and resolve any differences in healthy, transparent, creative and loving ways.  

I’m excited to learn more about your traditions and discuss the possibilities.

With warmest regards and blessings on your journey,

Rev. Lise

(Lise is pronounced Lisa. The spelling is part of my family’s German heritage.)

Please contact me with any questions!

References are available on request.